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I’ve been lucky to have such wonderful patients over the last decade in Charleston and have had the opportunity to educate them on the importance of seeing a dermatologist when it comes to their skin. Do you know how many people I’ve seen that have spent numerous amounts of money on over the counter products that are completely wrong for their skin? Which is why I am proud to offer my own customized skin care line – Germain Rx. I know you are wondering, what makes it so different than all the other products in your cabinets? These products have been designed exclusively for the specific needs of my patients. Using the latest in skin care technology, Germain Rx used the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and they’re made in an FDA registered facility. My patients who have

made the change to these products swear by them and there’s a wide variety to fit different facial needs. So whether you’re looking for anti-aging products or you have acne, rosacea or sensitive skin, Germain Rx products has something for everyone.

I have super senstive skin and have finally found something that works for me! I know it will work for you, so when you make your next appointment, ask about our products…your skin will thank you!

Marguerite Germain

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