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We are ever grateful at this time of year for so many things!
Here is our TOP 10 list for Thanksgiving:

  1.  Our Clients! We couldn’t do any of what we do without the amazing people that come into this office! First off we thank YOU!
  2. Our Staff! With a few changes over the past year we couldn’t be more proud than the staff we have at Germain Dermatology. From the office to the doctors we truly have the best.
  3. Our City! We are blessed to be practicing in such a beautiful, historic place. Charleston is an involved, giving city and we love being here.
  4. Technology! Yes, it may sound silly, but we are grateful for the many advances in dermatological technology and IT Technology. Each of these allows us to offer the best solutions and simplest visits for our patients.
  5. Our Growth! Even in a less than ideal economy we have been lucky enough to continue to grow- including a new website, updated products and more clinic hours.
  6. Education! All of our staff not only continues their education with conferences, trainings and seminars, but also strives to learn more each day- which keeps us on top of our game for each of YOU!
  7. The Ability to Give Back! With all our blessings we feel it is very important to give back to our community. We have been lucky enough to be able to participate in community health fairs (offering free cancer screenings), charity auctions, and much more.
  8. Awareness! With campaigns such as SPOT Orange the awareness of skin cancer and yearly skin screenings is on the rise. Unfortunately, Skin Cancer cases are still on the rise as well. Our hope is with this push in awareness we can begin to bring those statistics down.
  9. FUN! We are very thankful to be able to have fun with our staff and our clients throughout the year. With events like our CoolSculpting Nights, Sparkle Party, and more we are able to get to know our patients on a different level and have fun while sharing the things we love!
  10. Our Families! We can’t leave out all those who help us ‘behind the scenes’ of Germain Dermatology. Those that listen to our exciting new additions, pour us a glass of wine on hard days, and keep us smiling and motivated every day throughout the year.

We wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving with loved ones and thankful hearts. We truly are thankful for so many things- and it is in large part because of YOU!


Marguerite Germain

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