Get a Customized Laser Skin Treatment for Mt. Pleasant and Charleston, SC

No one else has your skin—your texture, tone, pores, coloration, or scars. Your skin is unique to you, and with a customized laser skin treatment with the Sciton® Halo™ at the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant Germain Dermatology locations, your light-based skin rejuvenation treatment can be, too.

Sciton® Halo™ is a hybrid fractional laser, which means it blends the best of two light treatment worlds: ablative and non-ablative. Ablative treatments focus on resurfacing the outermost layer, while non-ablative treatments work deeper. They each have their unique benefits: ablative treatments typically offer more dramatic results, while non-ablative ones have a shorter recovery time and are less invasive. The two vary in intensity and results, and they can be administered separately or together.


Sciton® Halo™ is the first technology of its kind, a hybrid fractional laser that can treat a significant range of cosmetic skin conditions. Depending on the session specifics, it can address:

  • spots, redness, and other discoloration issues
  • signs of sun damage and aging
  • irregularities in texture or tone
  • overly large pores
  • lines and wrinkles
  • Certain scars


The result is clearer, smoother, more even skin that features fewer marks and lines. Sciton® Halo™ can be used virtually anywhere on the body. It is commonly applied to the face, neck, chest, and hands. The breakthrough Sciton® Halo™ technology allows it to be fully customized to address individual needs.

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A hybrid fractional laser, the Halo can treat a significant range of cosmetic skin conditions. Blending ablative and non-ablative treatments, the Sciton Halo is far more versatile for patients with multiple skin concerns.

Throughout our lives, our skin is continually subject to damage from external factors such as the sun’s UV rays (which can permanently harm tissues), as well as pollutants in the air and contact with harsh chemicals in everyday products. This can manifest as texture irregularities, pigmentation problems, and more. In addition, gravity causes aging skin to sag and become stretched out. Of course, lifestyle factors can come into play, as well: a chronically high sugar intake, heavy smoking, and dehydration can cause vital elements in the skin to break down, making it appear more aged and damaged.


However, the main cause of those dreaded wrinkles and lines that appear on our faces is usually intrinsic aging. Fat and moisture are depleted over time, while connective tissues in the skin grow weaker.

Sciton® Halo™ is designed to correct the skin imperfections caused by all of these internal and external factors.

The ablative and non-ablative aspects of cutting-edge Sciton® Halo™ technology allow it to offer the best of both worlds. The treatment strikes a balance between optimizing results and keeping recovery time to a minimum. The ablative laser energy impacts the skin’s surface, eventually causing it to peel away and reveal smoother, clearer skin beneath. This can reduce the appearance of imperfections and lesions found in the uppermost layers.

The non-ablative laser energy penetrates below the surface, working on a microscopic level to remodel collagen, which means it causes the protein molecules in the skin to even out for a smoother look. This also triggers new collagen production. Since collagen is a key reason skin is strong, flexible, and resilient, having it in abundance is important for anyone who wants a healthy, youthful appearance.

Since Sciton® Halo™ effectively targets both the epidermis and dermis of the skin, its tunable ablation wavelengths allow for a high level of control and precision. The intensity of the treatments is up to the patient. More aggressive treatments can be concentrated into fewer sessions, while lower-intensity treatments can be spread out for more gradual improvements. The device includes an integrated cooling system to ensure continued comfort for each patient.

Sciton® Halo™ is suitable for all types of skin and is great for men and women who want to avoid a lengthy recovery period. It is especially ideal for anyone looking to address wrinkles and fine lines, photodamaged skin, scars caused by acne or injury, hyperpigmentation, and texture irregularities. Adults of all ages can benefit from Sciton® Halo™.

While the treatment is commonly used for people in their 40s and older—a demographic typically dealing with long-term skin damage—it is also being used as a preventative anti-aging method for patients in their 20s and 30s. That said, Sciton® Halo™ may not be right for people with active flare-ups.

As part of your preparation for Sciton® Halo™, you will get an assessment of your overall medical history, as well as a physical exam to inspect the skin in the treatment area. To stop bacterial infections from occurring, you may be prescribed an oral antibiotic.

Patients should avoid sun exposure before and at least two weeks after having a Sciton® Halo™ treatment. Each Sciton® Halo™ session begins with cleansing the skin to remove oil and impurities before brushing on a topical numbing cream to the skin’s surface around half an hour before the laser resurfacing starts. You can return home on the same day.

Depending on the intensity of the Sciton® Halo™ treatment, patients can expect their skin to begin peeling anywhere from a couple to several days after their visit. Some patients experience minor side effects, such as warm or itchy skin. Following your provider’s post-treatment skincare advice can help to accelerate healing. You may be prescribed moisturizing creams to use in the early stages of recovery. Ablative results should be visible as the old skin cells flake away. Non-ablative results will become increasingly apparent as weeks go by since collagen takes time to regenerate in the skin.

The benefits of Sciton® Halo™ therapy for patients are clear: There is no post-care needed, and everyone can enjoy a typically speedy recovery. Due to the minimal downtime following a Sciton® Halo™ session, patients are usually ready to return to work within just a few days. Unlike other laser treatments, only one or two treatments are necessary to see dramatic tone and texture improvements for the skin.

Many patients find that their Sciton® Halo™ results last for years. Women and men interested in maintaining a smoother, clearer look can work with the Germain Dermatology team to create a treatment schedule that fits their lifestyle and cosmetic goals.

For another treatment that offers customizable results for individual patients, consider HydraFacial™, which involves a three-step skin-brightening process customized to the individual. A session involves exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and infusion.

Other rejuvenation options include microdermabrasion and chemical peels, both of which exfoliate, and microneedling with Natural Growth Factor Injections, which stimulates healing and collagen production.

Which of our cosmetic services are best for you? The Germain Dermatology team, led by Dr. Marguerite Germain, can help determine the ideal treatment for your skin rejuvenation goals, whether it’s Sciton® Halo™, the customizable HydraFacial™, a traditional peel, or even a combination of strategies.

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