Clear + Brilliant Max

Take your skin to the max!

Introducing the newest addition of the Clear + Brilliant family – the Clear + Brilliant® Max. This treatment allows us to use two wavelengths during one session, helping to maintain youthful, radiant skin. This helps to prevent the early signs of aging and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

Clear + Brilliant

Trying to find a gentle and easy treatment that reduces and prevents signs of aging? Our Clear + Brilliant® offers less intense and damaging treatment than most other lasers, while still delivering anti-aging results. It also improves the absorption of skincare products, allowing anti-aging treatments to work better.

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C + B® FAQ'S

This treatment uses fractional laser technology that produces hundreds of thousands of tiny treatment areas on the skin’s surface. This stimulates new, healthier skin growth and also allows skincare products to penetrate deeper and work better.

Dermatologists use many different types of fractional laser technology to achieve desired results, but Clear + Brilliant® is especially gentle on the skin while still providing great results. As a result, people experience fewer side effects, less discomfort, and can have treatment more often.

Clear + Brilliant® can also work to maintain and enhance the results of other treatments, such as more intensive laser treatments. It offers an easy, safe, and comfortable option for keeping the great results you got from previous treatments.

If you have signs of aging or want to prevent them, you may be a good candidate for this treatment. Unlike some lasers, Clear + Brilliant® works on almost every skin tone, even dark-toned skin that some lasers should not be used on.

If you have more intensive signs of aging, you may need a stronger treatment to get the results you desire. Your practitioner will advise you on how to meet your goals.

To use the Clear + Brilliant® laser, the provider will move the handpiece against the skin targeted for treatment. An optical guidance system makes sure the device stays at exactly the right distance from the skin.

A topical numbing medication can be applied to the skin, but because of the more gentle treatment, most people do not report any serious discomfort. The design of Clear + Brilliant® makes it less uncomfortable and gentler on the skin.

During or after treatment, you may have a serum or other skin treatment products applied. The laser leaves your skin primed to absorb these skincare products for maximum benefits.

You should experience no downtime with Clear + Brilliant®. Your skin may be red and a bit sensitive for a few hours, but you can have this treatment on a lunch break and return to work immediately afterward.

As with most treatments, you will need to take precautions to protect your skin from the sun to encourage healing and to protect your beautiful results.

Results may appear within a few days of your first treatment. However, many people require four to six treatments to achieve the results they want. Initial results include softer and brighter skin. With repeated treatment, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and pores may become less visible.

Some people use Clear + Brilliant® as a maintenance treatment to keep skin looking more youthful and bright. The laser is gentle enough for treatments as often as once per month, although people usually return for maintenance treatments every three to six months.

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