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Some great news from Germain Dermatology…we’ve launched our product shopping cart so now people from around the US can purchase Germain Rx products 24/7. We’re thrilled about this! You can shop here. 

Germain Rx is our customized skin care line. It has been designed exclusively for the specific needs of our patients. Using the latest in skin care technology, this line includes the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is made at an FDA-regulated facility. Germain Rx includes products for anti-aging, acne and problem skin, sensitive skin, and rosacea. It also includes a complete sunscreen line and body products. Patients who try Germain Rx products get hooked and start to see a difference in their skin quickly. Every time we have one of our fabulous parties, our patients rave about how their skin has changed. Recently, one told us that she has to ship Germain Rx to her sister in Japan –talk about a loyal customer! Investing in your skin is important. Like I’ve mentioned before, you can’t imagine all the people that come in with boxes of unused over-the-

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counter skin care products that were all wrong for them. I’m sure you’ve purchased a few products you’ve stowed away under the sink never to use again. Of course, we don’t have just one favorite and there is something for everyone. If you haven’t tried Germain Rx, ask about it the next time you have an appointment. Here’s just a few products that we love! 

Germain Rx Skin Smoothing Body Lotion


This light and oil-free lotion, is quick absorbing and spreads easily over large areas of the body. It is designed to help achieve a softer smoother skin texture and contains 15% glycolic acid along with Vitamins A, C, E, and Green Tea Extract.


Germain Rx Skin Enhancing Cleanser 10% A gentle, soap-free cleanser that aids in the restoration of healthy skin. Contains 10% Glycolic Acid and antioxidants.

Germain Rx Soothing Green Tea Cleanser

Redness and irritation can easily be soothed and reduced for patients using this specially formulated kit, which includes peptides, Green and White tea, and Caffeine. 

Germain Rx Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 45 

This sunscreen combines broad-spectrum UVA-UVB protection and a unique antioxidant blend to neutralize free-radical skin damage.

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Dermal Restructuring Therapy 


This treatment cosmetically enhances rebuilding the skin from damage, and provides a therapeutic dose of antioxidants to the skin.So log on to germaindermatology.com today, where you can shop and fight your wrinkles in your pjs! 
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