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Growing older means getting wrinkles. The natural elements that keep our skin looking youthful eventually come up short, resulting in less flexibility and elasticity and ultimately leading to the formation (and deepening) of lines and creases. Although these changes are basically inevitable, there are ways to smooth out wrinkles that have formed.

The ideal strategy depends on what caused the wrinkles in the first place. Facial lines and wrinkles that appear due to facial muscle movement respond best to injectable neuromodulators. These include DYSPORT® and BOTOX® Cosmetic at Charleston’s Germain Dermatology. The team offers all three FDA-approved injectables to address crow’s feet, frown lines, and other wrinkles.

Each injection contains a small amount of purified botulinum toxin. The prescription cosmetic is injected into specific muscles that cause the formation of facial lines and wrinkles. The active ingredient causes the muscles to relax so the skin sits at rest instead of moving into folds. As a result, facial lines are less visible—and can even diminish over time.

It’s important to remember that not all wrinkles are the same. In addition to “dynamic” wrinkles that appear due to the repetitive pull of muscles when making certain facial expressions, there are also “static” wrinkles that form on the face due to age-related loosening and a decrease in skin moisture as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin diminish.

The team at Germain Dermatology has extensive experience with neuromodulators and understands that each Charleston-area patient has a unique goal and expectations. A professional assessment is essential so your injector can recommend the ideal treatment, whether BOTOX®, DYSPORT®, —or another strategy entirely.

Results from neuromodulator injections are temporary, with effects lasting up to three to five months—though initial visible improvements are noticeable within three to seven days. An added benefit of repeated treatments is that results tend to last longer.

BOTOX®, DYSPORT®, injectables have proven over and over again to be an ideal cosmetic solution for restoring the look of more youthful skin.

Find out more about options for smoothing out wrinkles, including BOTOX®, in the Charleston, SC, area by calling Germain Dermatology at (843) 881-4440 or sending a message online.

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