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Many of us had a wild hair or two growing up- some are stuck with a rather permanent reminder- a tattoo. Tattoos have been dated back to 2000 B.C. on Egyptian mummies, but didn’t gain western popularity until the electric tattoo machine was invented in 1860. In the late 1950’s tattoos took a switch from lower class ideals to the creative, artistic and higher status cultures- being more socially accepted.

It has long been said that removing a tattoo is an intense procedure, but thanks to modern technology, and the correct environment, tattoo removal has become a much more simple task. Whether it’s stretched, faded or a spur of the moment choice you no longer love removing a tattoo is more of an option now than ever.“There are many tattoo removal kits available online, but the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that it does not regulate these products. Some kits contain acid, which has caused permanent skin injuries,” AAD.org.Tattoos can be safely removed, in office, with topical anesthetic and special lasers called Q-switched lasers.  These lasers can break up tattoo ink into small particles that the body can eliminate. With the Q-switched laser scarring is rare and there are many types of lasers covering a range of the color spectrum. Previously black ink was the easiest to remove. It, however, still takes many treatment sessions to remove a tattoo, and some still cannot be completely removed.

Contact us today to discuss your options of tattoo removal.*Make sure when caring for your existing tattoo(s) remember to apply sunscreen to prevent fading, and check tattooed areas just as carefully for suspicious moles/marks.

Marguerite Germain

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