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You Don't Have To Settle For Just One Type Of Laser Treatment

Life is full of either/or choices. You either get up when the alarm goes off or you hit snooze. You either turn left or you turn right. You either have that second cup of coffee, or you don’t. At Germain Dermatology, we believe that in some cases, you shouldn’t have to choose just one thing or the other. That’s why we offer Sciton® Halo™ for the Charleston, SC, area.

Most laser treatments fall into the same either/or mold. Either you get an ablative treatment that removes the outermost skin cells for a dramatic improvement with healing required, or you get a non-ablative treatment that goes below the surface to stimulate collagen production. Sciton® Halo™ is a laser treatment that does both.

The intensity of the treatment—and therefore the necessary recovery time and the scope of the results—is up to you. Sciton® Halo™ blends ablative and non-ablative technology for a customizable treatment that treats skin from the top down and the inside out.

Want more immediate results and have down time for recovery? Ask for a dialed-up treatment. Looking for more gradual improvements and not keen on recuperation? Back off the intensity for a milder session.

The rejuvenating effects can impact everything from spots and other signs of sun damage to tone irregularities. Sciton® Halo™ can reduce the appearance of certain scars and the size of overly large pores.

If you have a cosmetic concern, chances are good that there’s a mix of laser treatments that can help to address the problem. Find out more by calling Germain Dermatology at (843) 881-4440 or sending a message online.

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