Winter, or at least Charleston’s version of it, is upon us; and it can wreck havoc on your skin, hair, nails and lips.  If you happened to miss Dr. Germain on News 2’s- 2 Your Health with Carolyn Murray let us recap for you! *You can also catch the segment in full here.


Are all  moisturizers created equally?
No. You need to look for these key ingredients when purchasing body or face moisturizers: Ceramides, shea butter, and hylauronic acid.My lips also seem extra dry?Low humidity, colder temperatures and the wind can make your lips feel tight and dry as well as chap more easily.  I love taking hot showers when it is cold outside, is that a problem?Yes. Hot water will soften the oils in the outermost layer of the skin. When you mix soap into the combo it can literally strip away the skin’s oil barrier, which locks in your natural moisture. Will a humidifier help my skin?
Yes. Colder, drier air makes it harder for skin to hold in moisture. A humidifier can help to mimic the affects of warmer seasons allowing the skin to absorb and lock in moisture.When is the best time to apply a moisturizer?Within three minutes after bathing, mid point during your day and before bed.Dr. Germain also urges everyone to still apply their daily sunscreen during the colder months, the sun is always shining in Charleston! Marguerite Germain

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