Considering CoolSculpting? Check out this ‘real-life’ CoolSculpting story from Elle Magazine freelance writer, Cristina Goyanes, ‘Why I Decided to Freeze My Thighs’.

Goyanes a self-acclaimed ‘wide-hipped, thick thighed, big butted Latino decided to delve, head first, into the journey of CoolScultping. While she states she has always accepted her heritage and embraced her curves, like so many other women, she had that ONE THING that just bothered her. For Goyanes… it was her thighs.

After becoming more active, athletic & fit over the past five years she noticed her ‘undesired thighs becoming, not less, but more undesirable. Due to her natural shape and activity as her legs got stronger, her thighs got larger. She was intrigued when her research led her to the FDA approval of CoolSculpting for inner and outer thighs in April 2014, and shortly after her journalistic experience began.

Three months post-procedure Goyanes is completely satisfied with the results of her inner and outer thighs. Wearing shorts, rompers, and fun dresses she felt she never could pull off, Goyanes is now flaunting her fit figure… thighs, and all.
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