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Just like our patients, our Germain staff suffers from common skin issues, the occasional breakout and even wrinkles! Ever wonder what they do to look so fabulous? Find out on our Staff Blog post. Each month we will feature a different staff member their favorite products, routines, skin care battles and more. May’s feature is in honor of Melanoma Awareness month.

Lauren Whitehead

Laser Specialist and
Head of Cosmetic Department
35 years young
Two years ago Lauren had three moles biopsied, which returned as severely atypical.  Growing up in South Carolina Lauren was out in the sun constantly and admits she didn’t apply sunscreen as often as she should have, sacrificing safety for a nice tan (which many of us can relate to). During her 20’s Lauren joined the Germain team and began to understand the importance of protecting herself from the sun.

Now, Lauren states, “I do not go outside anymore without applying sunscreen with a physical block 30 minutes prior to going out.  With the diagnosis of atypical moles I am seen regularly for my full skin exam.  I am thankful that my kids are sun conscience as well, so hopefully they won’t have to worry in the future.Skin Type:  Combination Skin,

Melasma Morning Skin Care Regimen:  
Brightening Polish
Skin Ton Enhancement Pads 6%
Magic Eyes
Advanced Vitamin C Brightening Serum
Matte Perfection SPF 50+Night Time Skin Care Regimen:
Skin Enhancing Cleanser 10%Rejuvenation Pads 10xMagic EyesSkin Enhancing Treatment Cream 20%
Favorite Germain Rx Product(s):
Magic Eyes
Matte Perfection SPFFavorite Cosmetic Procedure(s):  It is so hard to say what my favorite cosmetic procedure is as I have been with Dr. Germain for 8 years and have had everything done.  I absolutely love Fraxel and Coolsculpting.  I suffer from melasma which is a hormonal pigmentation disorder, Fraxel has helped keep my melasma under control. I have also had Coolsculpting on my abdomen, flanks, and outer thighs!  The results are amazing.   
Lauren has also become a fan of the new Clear + Briliant Permea as it has been successful at treating her melasma without the downtime of Fraxel. Favorite Facial Make-Up:
 Jane Iredale Liquid MineralsBest advice from Dr. Germain:“It is a journey not a race.  You don’t have to do everything at once.” Lauren’s Best Advice:“If you do a little bit of a lot you will have better results.”

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