Just like our patients our Germain staff suffers from common skin issues, the occasional breakout & even wrinkles! Ever wonder what they do to look so fabulous? Find out on our NEW Staff Blog post. Each month we will feature a different staff member their favorite products, routines, skin care battles and more.

Kayce Bates

Medical Assistant, 29 years oldSkin Type:  combination skin with signs of sun damage, melasma, and is acne-proneMorning Skin Care Regimen:  
Germain Rx Problem Skin Cleanser I
Skin Tone Enhancing Pads
Brightening Polish
Dermal Restructuring
Super Sheer SPFNight Time Skin Care Regimen:
 Germain Rx Problem Skin Cleanser I
Retinol 5x Pads
Bio Therapy Moisturizer
Using Routine:5 years
(on and off due to pregnancy/nursing)Favorite Germain Rx Product:
Skin Tone Enhancing Pads
Favorite other Product:
ClarisonicFavorite Cosmetic Procedure(s):  Laser hair reduction
Laser Illumination Peel
Botox & Filler
 “The peel helped with my sun damage and the injections decreased my stubborn static lines. The results  made me feel better about my overall appearance.”Favorite Facial Make-Up:
 Jane Iredale BB cream and Jane Iredale pure pressed powder Kayce uses ‘Satin’ during Winter and ‘Suntan’ during Summer months.Best advice from Dr. Germain:
“Stay out of the sun!”
“Use retinol and SPF every day for the rest of your life.”
(Retinol is the best medication on the market for anti-aging and fine lines).
“Do not touch your face!”
 (keeps bacteria off your face)Kacye’s Best Advice: “Wear daily: Retinol, SPF, and a Mineral-Based Make-Up that won’t clog pores. Wash your face twice a day with a Clarisonic and your favorite cleanser.”Kayce sends you off with these words of wisdom from Dr. Germain,
“Age gracefully!  Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

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