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We strive for a natural glow, not a greasy shine.

For those constantly battling shine it can feel like an endless cycle- reapplying powder and spending countless dollars on anti-shine products and treatments that never seem to be the solution.

Oil is two-fold. Excess oil can be associated with breakouts, but it also protects your skin from signs of aging. It is important to note that oil is not the same thing as moisture, and even with oil prone skin you still need to moisturize. 

Dr. Germain notes that it is especially important to remember this during winter months. People with an oily complexion tend to dry-out their skin causing redness, itching and flaking during the winter. 

How can you fight shine without over drying or irritating your skin?

Dr. Germain suggests, “A healthy skin care routine is the first step to controlling oil (as well as dry patches, irritation, acne, aging and more). Exfoliation is a big part of oil control, however patients need to understand that exfoliation doesn’t mean rubbing your face raw. A gentle nightly exfoliation will keep your skin routinely renewed and fresh. I always recommend the Clarisonic cleansing system to patients. It’s gentle enough for daily use and has brush heads for all skin types.”

Aside from clean, balanced skin Dr. Germain advises patients to begin using a Retinol product. Retinol builds collagen which helps keep pores tighter causing pores to create and emit less oil. Retinol can be harsh, but introduced to your skin properly under the advisement of a dermatology professional it can be a vital key in managing a shine free complexion (as well as giving you youthful looking skin). 

Depending on your circumstance and skin type other treatments such as products with Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C or Clay. If you are tired of fighting the shin battle come in and see Dr. Germain or one of our expert PA’s for a full skin evaluation and treatment plan. 


Put the powder down and come see us! 
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