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Can you believe it? 2011 is almost here.  So to wrap up 2010, we figured we’d look at some helpful beauty tips that you can implement into your routine in 2011. Happy New Year! 

Some helpful healthy tips for the new year:

1. Get your yearly skin check.  

2. Wear sunscreen daily and make sure it has physical blocks in it. Men and women both should be doing this. We see

Oil+Free+Sunscreen SPF30
Germain Rx Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30

too many men who forgo wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, make it part of your routine when you shave in the morning. 

3. Drink more H20. Water is great for your skin! 

4. Try to eat a bit more healthily. Say goodbye to junk food and fast food and enjoy some healthy food. You will notice a difference in your skin. 

5. Learn something new! Learn a new language, take a new course, read new books, learn a sport or take the Peace, Love & Hip Hop class with Angel Roberts (one of our favorites!) just keep things moving both physically and mentally and you will feel energized. 

6. Take care of your hands. The skin on your hands is very fragile and thin, so be sure to moisturize often and use gentle anti-aging products on them to keep them looking resilient. 

Smooth As Silk Lotion

7. Go Mineral! Mineral cosmetics are wonderful for sensitive skin types and conditions like acne and rosacea, not only because you can control the coverage but because the ingredients are non-comedogenic so they’re less likely to cause reactions. We suggest our favorite and one of the hottest sellers around the world, Jane Iredale. 

8. Invest in high quality products for your face and read the ingredients. We see so many patients that have wasted their money on over the counter products that are all wrong for their skin. Get a skin evaluation and truly know what you are. You’d be surprised at the amount of women who think they have oily skin when really they have dry skin, especially in our crazy Lowcountry weather. Once you’re on a regimen that is tailored to your skin type, you will see a difference and in the end you will save money because you will no longer be wasting your money on products you can’t and won’t use. 

R Awakening+regimen

9. Get moving. Regular exercise can play a big role in how young and healthy your skin looks and feels. When you exercise your level of stress diminishes, so your adrenal glands are producing less testosterone-related hormones that can play a part in those acne flare-ups. 

10. Be grateful and smile. No matter how many procedures you have to look refreshed, one of the best ones that takes years off your look is simply a smile. So be happy with all of your blessings and enjoy life! 

Happy New Year from Dr. Germain and everyone at Germain Dermatology 

Marguerite Germain

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