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Now that the cooler weather is here, your skin will be changing and it’s a perfect time to try the non-invasive Fraxel laser treatment. The new Fraxel re:store makes your skin’s surface smoother and fresher-looking. 

How does it work? 

Fraxel uses a laser to resurface the skin. With the new re:store technology there are 2 lasers modes. One treats wrinkles, acne scaring and more that are deeper in the skin. The other targets those stubborn sun spots, age spots, tone and texture. 

With this new technology, patients are enjoying the faster treatment times, more comfort and an additional help for all that sun damage from years past. After the treatments, you may have some redness and you may begin to see the results immediately. Once completely healed, you will love the results. We have many patients who really enjoy their treatments! 

The number of treatments you will need will depend on your skin. The best results come from multiple sessions spaced over time. For the month of October, we are offering $400 OFF a package of Fraxel re:store dual treatments, so call us today for your appointment at Germain Dermatology – 843-881-4440.

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See you soon! 

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