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In honor of Women’s History Month we’d like to honor the first woman to succeed in the field of Dermatology: Daisy Orleman Robinson.

Dr. D. Orleman began her profession in her father’s all-male Peekskill Military Academy. When moving to practice for herself she chose the field of dermatology as her specialty, before it even was one. She went on to become the first female officer of the Westchester County Medical Association, a US Army WWII veteran of Surgery (decorated by both French and American forces) and was the first woman to serve as acting Surgeon General to the US. Pretty impressive!! Fun Facts:
– In the United States, the first medical school for women, The Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, was founded in Philadelphia in 1850.– In 1915, the American Medical Women’s Association and in 1919, the Medical Women International Association.– In 1921, Dr. Rose Hirschler was the first female medical dermatologist to graduate in the United States. To the present day, her name is remembered and honored by the Women’s Dermatology Society (WDS), by offering the Rose Hirschler award to prominent female dermatologists. 
– The WDS was in fact established in 1973 by a male academic dermatologist, Dr Walter Shelley, Chair of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania

.Marguerite Germain

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