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Often we hear from Charleston moms that they’re not feeling themselves. From running the kids to practice to dance class, there’s never enought time in the day leaving many of them tired and completely out of energy. 

Here’s some easy ways to get a good boost of energy: 


1. Drink water: You may be dehydrated which is making you feel sluggish, so grab a glass of water and enjoy. 

2. Stop and Breathe: Sometimes, taking a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and “meditate” of sorts is a good energy builder.

3. Get up & mooooove! Moving around –even for 5 minutes — can increase your circulation. 

4. Step away from the computer: Of course when you’re finished reading this blog. Breaks from a computer really help! 

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5. Be thankful: Often, we’re all caught up with the daily hub-bu of life we forget to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts we have. When you are thankful, you’ll smile and that will give you energy too. 

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And if you’re still feeling sluggish, we now offer Metabohealth Vitamin Injections. There’s no appointment needed and they help increase your energy and boost your metabolism. We are offering them for $25 each or a package of 4 for $75. Stop in our office at Germain Dermatology in Mount Pleasant at 612 Seacoast Parkway. 

Thanks for reading! 

Marguerite Germain

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