Are you a Pure Barre fanatic? How about yoga? or pilates? Our Cryosauna is an ideal way to extend your practice and have you reaching your full potential.  

“In a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the use of ice was examined as a way to improve flexibility. In this study the researchers focused on the hamstrings. 

This group of muscles is large enough that the cold from cryotherapy can’t penetrate the whole muscle. This creates a steep temperature gradient, meaning that the muscle near the surface is much cooler than the muscle deep down. The deeper muscle then experiences increased blood flow, and theoretically, the muscle’s resistance against stretching is reduced. 

Cryotherapy increased flexibility by about six angular degrees before the stretching even began. Stretching alone improved flexibility by ten degrees, but stretching and cryotherapy together (ice therapy) improved flexibility by about fourteen degrees.”– Read the full article from here.

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