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With the social acceptance and popularity of Botox there has been an increased number of ‘Botox Parties’ circulating around town and in the media. Before attending one of these events we want you to know all the facts.What is a Botox party?
A Botox Party is a social event where Botox injections are given. The idea is that it’s secluded, comfortable and most often more reasonably priced. These parties began via the major Spas and have trickled down to in home private parties. Hollywood A-listers and the Who’s-Who’s began enlisting their private doctors for weekend getaways and spa weekends where groups received Botox Injections at reduced costs. Doctors were eager to participate due to the short shelf life of Botox and the bulk inventory many had- it seemed a win-win. However, those not able to enlist private doctors or rent medically equipped facilities need to be cautious of these parties.

The first thing you should consider is who is giving the injections. Make sure that a medically licensed and trained physician is the one injecting the Botox. Physicians train specifically in the use and application of Botox Cosmetic, and are the only ones who should be giving you treatments. It may appear (due much to the media) that Botox is easy to use and safe, but that is only the case when dealing with trained professionals.The second thing to consider is safety precautions. While when done by a professional, Botox injections are relatively safe, there is always a chance of complications. Having Botox injections done in a home or non-medical facility increases the severity if a medical emergency were to occur.  For instance, if there is an allergic reaction a doctor is better equipped in office to quickly and safely treat that patient.Also advice to keep in mind via the Mayo Clinic: Drinking alcohol before getting Botox injections — a likely possibility at a Botox party — can increase your tendency to bruise afterward. It could also prevent you from fully understanding the risks and benefits of Botox treatment.In result, our best advice is to stick to a regular appointment with a doctor you trust for any injections or fillers. We promise you we will do our best to make you just as comfortable with us as you are at home, and you can always go have cocktails with the gang after treatment- wrinkle free!

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