School is back in session and we’ve already been seeing a lot of middle schoolers and teenagers who are dealing with acne. As most of us know, acne is the most common skin disorder affecting more than 40 million Americans! But knowing how to take care of your face is key. 


1. Start off with an appointment with us. We have flexible hours so if your child needs to be seen after school, let us know. Making an appointment with a dermatologist can help your child get on the right track towards clearer skin. 

2. When your dermatologist creates a regimen for you, stick to it. If you don’t see results immediately, that’s OK, just stick to it and you will. 


3. Don’t pop, squeeze or pick at your acne. Trust us, we know it’s tempting…but you can leave yourself with unsightly scars. 

4. Use noncomedogenic cosmetics, oil-free sunscreens and cosmetics. 

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Remember, acne isn’t curable but it is treatable. So get on a regimen now. Call us 881-4440 for your appointment. 

Marguerite Germain

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