Dermatologic Conditions

DERMATOLOGIC CONDITIONS COMMON Rashes, Outbreaks, and More In addition to skin cancer and acne, Germain Dermatology offers diagnosis and treatment for a variety of dermatologic conditions, whether genetic, disease-based, or environmental. Dermatological Conditions Rosacea Rosacea is a chronic dermatologic condition characterized by redness and easy flushing; it can affect parts of the face, the entire […]

Acne and Acne Scarring

ACNE Learn About Treatment for this Common Skin Condition and its Scars One of the most common diseases in the United States is acne. Charleston-area skin professionals at Germain Dermatology regularly see patients suffering from the condition that affects infants to adults, characterized by areas of skin developing redness, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and cysts. When […]

SRT-100 VISION™ Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatment

SRT-100 VISION™ FOR BASAL AND SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA Treat Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer in Charleston, SC SRT-100 Vision™  Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatment Details A skin cancer diagnosis can be difficult to hear, but the problem is not necessarily difficult to treat. Modern technologies have made the safe and effective destruction of non-melanoma cancer cells more readily […]

Mohs Surgery

MOHS SURGERY Treat Skin Cancer With Precision There are many ways skin cancer can be treated. One of the most advanced and effective methods for certain types is Mohs surgery. Taylor Mulkey, MD is a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon and expert board-certified dermatologist at Germain Dermatology. She can provide assistance to patients to effectively remove […]

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer Skin Cancer Mt. Pleasant, SC The words “skin cancer” can be scary to hear, especially knowing that the United States alone sees millions of new diagnoses each year. When it comes to skin cancer, Charleston-area dermatologists Dr. Marguerite Germain understand that patients facing the prospect of dealing with the disease want answers to […]