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Hair Restoration

What is ARTAS Hair Restoration?

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure is the latest and most advanced method of hair transplantation ever invented.  The ARTAS Procedure requires no incision, and no stitches, which results in faster healing for the patient and less down time.

The Procedure & Expectations

The ARTAS Procedure leverages digital imaging and precision robotics to deliver healthy grafts for transplantation.  Unlike the traditional method of hair restoration, there isn’t a linear scar or stitches which allow you to quickly get back to your daily routine.  Over time, your appearance gradually changes, resulting in more natural-looking hair growth. You can now enjoy natural-looking hair – your own hair – that you can wear at any length and style with confidence.

If you are seeking a minimally invasive, consistent and effective treatment for hair loss and desire the confidence that comes with a youthful and vibrant appearance, the ARTAS Procedure might be right for you.

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Hair RestorationGermain Dermatology| Mt Pleasant, South Carolina


Hair restoration FAQ'S

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure is a minimally invasive hair restoration solution that leverages digital imaging and precision robotics to harvest healthy grafts for transplantation. Unlike the earlier methods of hair restoration, there is no need for the surgical removal of a strip of scalp from the back and sides of the head, no linear scar left after surgery, and no need for stitches or staples to close the wound. The benefit is a quick recovery time and the ability to return to normal activities and work sooner.

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure provides extremely natural looking results. After the procedure, you are able to wear your hair any length or style with confidence.

Old fashioned “hair plugs” included the harvesting of large patches of hair that resulted in an awkward and unnatural appearance once implanted. The ARTAS Robotic System uses its computer assisted robotic arm and digital mapping to pinpoint hair groupings as they naturally grow in the donor area. This process provides the doctor micron level control and unparalleled precision in designing a natural looking head of hair and a natural hairline. Because the ARTAS Robotic System enables unmatched precision and accuracy, doctors are able to extract healthy robust hairs for optimal growth.

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure uses your own permanent growing hair, typically from the back of your head, and your physician then implants this hair to the thinning areas of your scalp. As this hair is not susceptible to the conditions that cause male pattern baldness, the transplanted hair will last a lifetime.

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure usually takes from four to eight hours as determined by Dr. Germain to achieve your hair restoration goals. You are comfortably seated during the process, as Dr. Germain and her staff are there with you to maximize your comfort throughout the procedure.

Recovery time with the ARTAS Robotic Procedure is less than with most surgical cosmetic procedures. As there is no surgical incision or stitches required with the ARTAS Robotic Procedure, healing time is short, and you can usually go back to your daily activities after a day or two. After the procedure, Dr. Germain will thoroughly go over after care instructions as well as when to come back in office for follow-up visits.

Transplanted hair grows naturally in phases. New hairs are seen about three months after the procedure, and will continue to increase over the course of a full year. At approximately six months, you will enjoy a noticeable improvement and after a full year, you will see final results.

With the ARTAS Robotic procedure, any scarring is minimal and is nearly undetectable. Your new hair grows in gradually, reducing the chance that people will notice the procedure. Your friends and family will comment that you look better, but the results from your hair restoration are subtle and natural.


The ARTAS Robotic Procedure, an outpatient procedure performed in our office, requires only a local anesthetic. The patient feels virtually no pain. Some patients can experience minor discomfort and swelling post-procedure, which subsides in one to three days.

Because the ARTAS Robotic System selectively harvests individual hair groupings rather than removing a large area of scalp requiring sutures, there is minimal scarring in the donor area. Hair can be worn fashionably short, or in longer styles, whatever you prefer. You’re not limited by having to cover scarring from strip surgery.


Trimming your hair in the donor area  allows the ARTAS System to accurately visualize, track and harvest each grouping of hairs. You will receive instructions on having your hair cut shorter in preparation for your ARTAS Robotic Procedure.


Treatment costs will be determined during your consultation and depend on the amount of new hair that you desire. Germain Dermatology offers the payment option of CareCredit.

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